Huntertown Arms DOLOS

Huntertown Arms DOLOS

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Dolos - spirit of trickery, master of deception
Like its mythologic namesake, the Huntertown Arms Dolos is a master of deception. It enables any standard AR to be stored and carried in a small backpack, satchel, book bag, messenger bag, or any other type of carrier that anyone would think could house such awesome firepower.
The Dolos theory of operation is incredibly simple. The barrel nut is separated into two parts. A tri-lug is attached to a standard AR15 upper receiver. A lock collar captures the barrel and gas tube, and is attached to a free float handguard. To employ the system, carefully insert the gas tube and barrel into the upper receiver and twist the lock collar up to 1/3 of a turn. You will hear and feel the ratchet lock as the lock collar seats into the tri-lug. Your barrel is now securely attached and your rifle ready for battle.

Any standard front gas block can be used with the Dolos, from an A pillar sight post to a low profile or railed gas block. Simply purchase a free float tube for your particular gas system.

Why do I need Dolos?
Real firepower right here, right now.
Handguns have a place - to get you to the rifle you should have had in the first place.
Fast deployment
A Dolos equiped rifle can be ready to stop long distance threats and save lives in less than 10 seconds.
Small package
The Dolos enables you to pack any AR into a very small package. It is easy to transport on a motorcycle or any small vehicle.
When do I need Dolos?
Bugout bag
Active shooter response
When you want to legally carry or transport a rifle without fear of harrassment, intimidation or arrest.
  • Details

    Ensure that the lock collar is securely attched to the tri-lug and there is no freeplay in the barrel before shooting your rifle.
    Take care to protect the gas tube when your barrel is separated from the rifle.
    Be careful when inserting the gas tube into the upper receiver. It can and will bend bend if improperly installed.
    Do not allow your bolt carrier group to slam home when your rifle is not fully assembled. Your charging handle will be damaged.

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